About Me

I like a lot of different things as you will undoubtedly find from my blog. My intention is to use this as an avenue to share my many interests with anyone who wants to read about them. If you ever need me, or want to share something, find me @ - lavieenfuchsia [at] hotmail [dot] ca

Further to the generic About Me above, what can I say?

The details;
Born: Toronto, Ontario
Current City: Ottawa, Ontario (the Capital people, it does exist!)
Married: August 14th, 2010, to one awesome dude.
Kids: What was once just the two fur-babies, is now them plus a little boy AND a little girl. They ALL keep me busy.
Employment: I have a day job and I have a passion. It's the latter that brings me here.

I can be really serious or really flaky, I wear many hats and I'm quirky to a fault. I love chick lit and chick flicks, fashion, sports, photography, crafts, decor, books, travel, Europe, entertaining, cooking and all around fabulous-ness. I love free stuff, and discounts/sales, and though most people wouldn’t know it by my ‘surface’, I’m pretty frugal. I find things that are important to me are sometimes lost on other people... I wish I felt like people 'got me' more. I have great friends and a wonderful family, but I've always marched to the beat of my own drum anyway... I'm an interesting character.

If anyone has questions, feel free to send them along and I can always add them here if necessary!


P.S. What's with the spelling issues that seemed to be attached to the word fuchsia??

Here, I'll try to help;

I see that people are finding my blog by searching the incorrect spellings so regularly that you will often find me pouring over dictionaries to make sure that I didn't misspell it!! So there you have it, I still think that I'm right but fully expect that one day I will find something to the contrary and potentially have a panic attack! :)

**All professional pictures found on this site (Bio picture and Header pictures) are the fabulous work of Vanessa Blick of Sterling Images - Ontario. All others are by me and my property unless otherwise stated**