Monday, June 29, 2015

Beauti-Tone Paint - Next! {+ A New Nursery Sneak Peek}

Editor's disclaimer: This post has been both open on my computer and in the works for, well, ever. The new arrival is not even no longer approaching rapidly and instead her school years are (:P). It's shameful that we are not yet finished her room even though she's now a card carrying toddler but que sera sera and all that fun stuff. For now, I leave you to it...

I went over my powder room painting experiences with Beauti-Tone here, and while I still haven't officially 'revealed' that room, we were forced to skip to the next one.
With the new arrival approaching rapidly, we had to get started on the nursery regardless of what we had on the go. I had a Pinterest board of inspiration along with the beginning of sourced items, but more than anything I had a 'vibe' in mind. After finding the perfect (but super busy) wallpaper, I decided that I would paint 3 walls in a pale pink colour and wallpaper one small wall. That was as good a place to start as any. From there, out came the paint chips and samples. It is important, in my opinion to always get samples and test them out in several locations in your room. The reasons for this are simply that lighting, whether natural or not, changes things significantly and it's important to know that you're getting exactly what you want before it's too late. So here is the process and my experiences on this second-take of testing out Beauti-Tone.

As I mentioned above, you should always bring home a couple samples when selecting your wall colour. I had a specific icy blush in mind for the walls and picked the colour that I thought that had to be + one other pale pink, for good measure. I can tell you today that I am very glad I picked that second colour, as the first proved to not translate (at all) to what I wanted once it was up on the walls.

Never fear though, I am still in deep love with that apricot and will more than likely be saving that beauty for our master bedroom {sidebar: I've decided that one day, once things 'settle' and I can finally make heads or tails of my constant clutter, I will 'treat' myself by doing a room for ME. The master bedroom always gets back-burnered because no one sees it, but I do, and I want a little more pretty in my mornings.

Once the colour was selected, it was time to get the paint. For this project I went with the designer series because even though I was pregnant, this room was well ventilated (unlike the powder room). I used the same white again for all the trim work and Silk Thread was our winning pink.

The actual painting experience was far less stressful than the previous time. This is, in large part, due to the pale colour vs. the heavily saturated blue that I had to have last time. In fact, if I hadn't needed to be the vehicle that took paint from can to walls, the room may have painted itself. Keeping in mind that we were dealing with a pale colour that was difficult to see at times, the coats went on smoothly and evenly throughout. When I thought I would just have time to get one wall coated, I found that I was able to sneak in a little more... that's how well it all went.

So there you have it - trial #2 in the books.

Here's hoping there will be more to share before too much longer.

Thanks for sticking around, folks.

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