Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here's looking at you Ontario.

If you have been living under a rock for the past few months, let me take this opportunity to remind you that it is election day in Ontario. More likely though, you've been bombarded with media on said election and I hope you've been paying attention.

Voter turnout has not been good in the recent past (this is the fault of the nerds according to this Macleans article, but I digress), and that pains me. Voting is a privilege and a right and we need to recognise and embrace that. I realise that the options are not popular and I understand the hesitations but someone is going to hold office, you really should have your say about who. This is a genuine chance for us to be the boss, to have a position on a very important board of directors... seize it.

Let's take this opportunity to show the candidates that we are NOT apathetic, that we will hold them to their platform promises, and that we do care how our province is run. Then, perhaps all the naysayers will be true to their word and seek a role in politics prior to the next election. I also encourage them to do so.

For now, it IS election day and it IS important to vote, so it's time to make a choice for someone. According to the above noted Macleans article we really can't use the 'my vote doesn't matter' rationale anymore since low turnout means each vote is worth more than it has in decades, how's that for food for thought?

On that note, the Little-Miss and I are off. It won't be a fun walk in the rain but we have a job to do.

Good luck Ontario!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sourcing Decor - Felt Ball Rugs

As I mentioned in a previous post, with our new arrival on the way, we had to drop everything and get to work on her future nursery. To that end, we've been looking at many items and aspects of it for some time now, but with the nursery having yet to be completed, our search continues on.
One product that was brought to my attention are the beautiful rugs sold by the These rugs are not only beautiful but also have a lovely story to tell. Recently, I was watching a rerun episode of Dragon's Den, where a recent University graduate from my neck of the woods (and school) pitched an eyewear company that used recycled materials from and were manufactured in his home (African) country. He didn't make it on the show as he was a little too 'green' for the dragons (they invited him back in a year) but he did have their interest due to the ethical nature of his work plan. They discussed how consumers like this angle nowadays as it provides them with the opportunity to purchase something lovely that they wanted anyway, and help to make a difference at the very same time. This got me thinking, they were right, weren't they? People, all things being equal, would love to make a difference in their purchases and that's another reason (aside from obviously lovely products) that is so great. That was quite the long-winded segue, wasn't it?
Anyway, so right, is the company behind beautifully handcrafted rugs from Nepal. The rugs themselves are made up of many naturally-dyed, hand-rolled, and sun-dried balls of wool. The artisans themselves add another ethical angle to this product too. Each rug is handcrafted by Nepalese women who, in most cases, have no other professional background, and have families to care for. Many of the rugs are handcrafted in the very homes where these families reside, providing not only an income for these women but also the flexibility they require as home keepers and mothers. These rugs are just so unique that I invite you to read a little more about the process yourself, here. There's also a pretty neat video available here, which pretty much makes me want to go to Nepal and make a rug myself. Admittedly, my favourite aspect of these rugs is how kid-friendly they are. Not only are they dyed (chemically-free) 100% pure New Zealand wool BUT that also means that they possess a natural protective layer that makes them repellent to dirt and water. Umm, yeah they do. Any cloth diapering wool users out there? Yup, like that. provides several options for the perfect rug for your home. The most interesting, to me, is that you can design your own here, making it perfect for your space. If that's a little too much for you though, there are the more standard options of their round rugs or rectangular rugs. These provide 15 standard designs while designing your own reveals 65 additional colours to choose from. I received a colour chart from the company and can attest to how vivid and beautiful they are, not to mention how lovely the balls feel. I think walking on something like that would be quite the treat! It is also worth noting that if you need guidence or assistance in designing your unique piece, textile designer and co-founder, Nasia Burnet is available for just that!
Finally, a press release tells me (quite possibly) the greatest tidbit of all -
' offers free shipping throughout the world. Standard designs are shipped within two weeks while custom rugs are shipped within approximately four weeks. The company also has a Happiness Guarantee: If customers are not satisfied with their rugs, they can return them no questions asked.'
Those who know me well, know that I hate shipping charges. I know why we need to pay them, but I hate them. So free shipping certainly has my attention!
You can learn more about and see more gorgeous pictures of these rugs on their Facebook page or their Instagram feed.
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