Monday, May 12, 2014

We've Grown {again!}

First,  I'm sorry.
I mentioned (fairly) recently on facebook that I was waiting on many things. These things would mean not only a lot to do, but also a lot to write about. These things are happening slowly now, so I'm hoping to get to work soon, as I find the time (and energy).

With Mother's Day come and gone, there's no better time to share our news -

One of those 'things' was a new wee member of our family! The Mini-Mister is now a proud big brother to his new sister! He is a nurturer if I've ever seen one and it makes the Mister's and my heart swell daily. It is amazing to see someone I love so much, love our new daughter too.

The Little-Miss was born into our little family, one day late, on February 22nd at 4:51am. This birth was a little different from her brother who came 3 days early and entirely intervention-free. The similarities are that, once active labour actually started, things went quick and for the second time, we were with the same wonderful midwifery group and were under the same great care as with the Mini-Mister.

The differences started early. Pregnancy was... harder. This was true both physically and mentally. I just couldn't shake the feeling that we were robbing the Mini-Mister of his time to be the baby. I wanted to spend every possible second with him yet I was exhausted and not feeling well. Then there was the fact that I was deeply saddened by the feeling that the new edition was suffering from 'second baby syndrome ' before she was even born (and not just from us). I was bothered by the fact that she wouldn't have the surprise/sentimentality/keepsakes that her brother had (even if he doesn't and may never care about them). Was the Mister right when he said that she was going to be loved by us and that she was going to be an important part of our 'crew'? Absolutely, but they were very real and very heavy feelings at the time (Editor's note: The word 'crew' came from a very wise friend who had previously felt exactly what I was feeling. She really provided clarity and substantiation to what I was going through).

Anyway, fast forward through about 9.5 months of aforementioned heaviness and we waited for her to signal her pending arrival... and waited, and waited. On February 20th, just one day before my estimated due date (and, as it was, my 31st birthday), I was enjoying some pre-bedtime cuddles with the Mini-Mister. It is, by far, my favourite time of day so it's only fitting that what happened next, happened then. It was in adjusting the little man, while sitting on his bed with him on my lap, that I felt a pop. I just knew what it was immediately,  even without ever feeling it before. I yelled for the Mister, told him what happened and left him to finish bedtime. I called the midwife, made a plan, then waited. Nothing happened. After a surprisingly quiet night, the following morning we headed into the clinic to make sure all was well and to make a plan. Options were discussed regarding potential induction buuut no one really thought it would get to that. After that, contractions came and went all day long and (admittedly) got a little annoying after a while. For the record, the midwife only gave me until 8am the following morning to have contractions pick up on their own.

That night, we put the Mini-Mister to bed again as a (surprisingly) only child. I can assure you that knowing what I did about the following morning, I savoured every second with him, my little bear. At midnight my little love woke up yelling (it happens from time to time) and I went in to see him. After getting him back to bed, contractions started again...
At that point the midwife, who was already at the hospital, invited us to come in while she called for back up. Unfortunately, by the time we reached the hospital things had ground to a screeching halt again. We walked circles around the labour & delivery unit in hopes of it picking back up but it didn't work. Around 2:30am, 30 hours after my water initially broke, we started the induction. Fast-forward two hours to 4:30am and active labour was called... guess who showed up 20 minutes later?

Introducing little baby E -

We checked out of the hospital a couple hours later and arrived home around 7:30am. It was another whirlwind night filled with a whirlwind birth. A small price to pay for a complete little family, err... crew!

Daddy got her dressed to hit the road.

Pride... and fatigue.

A little while after the Mini-Mister woke up and was ready to pay attention to his sister... very interesting (and soft), these babies.

So there you have it!
(Now to finish the nursery!)

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Nancy Moyer said...

beautiful story of an incredable family, whoops I mean crew!!!! For the record this grama loves both of these mini crew members more than you could ever know!!!!