Friday, September 6, 2013

Sometimes I just need to be a little Zen.

Sometimes a girl just needs her space, you know?

In addition to that though, sometimes I need my own 'quiet'.

No clue what I'm talking about? Let me explain -

I work in an office space of cubicles (which are getting more 'open' as I type), and what that means is that it can get a little noisy. Conversations in the corridors, phone conversations above a whisper, and just every other little noise, make for a distracting workplace at times. Most people can, on most days, work through this treating it as little more than an annoyance but sometimes you just need to slip away. While I don't often use it, I keep an mp3 player at work that hasn't been updated in years. It has just the right tunes to take me away to that 'other place' that allows me to drown out the noise, fall into the zone, and get some serious work done.

A song that often ends up cranked (effectively drowning out every single other noise in the office) and regularly on repeat, is this one (crank your volume if you can) -

{Full disclosure: I just grabbed this video off YouTube and have absolutely no claim to it. I tried to find one on Kenny Chesney's official channel to no avail.}

It reminds me of when I was younger and didn't have family responsibilities. Sometimes, when I just needed to 'get away', I would hop in the car and drive every back country road I could find, with the music cranked. Being alone on the road, ideally as the sun was falling out of the sky, was amazingly perfect and just what I needed. This song brings me back there when I need it most but just can't swing it.

Hopefully my favourite, hauntingly Zen song takes you to some place 'quiet' too.

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