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Everyone be cool... Target is coming!

I recently received a press release regarding a new collection that is being introduced at Target Canada. This might not seem like a big deal to some, but since we're only just getting the first of our Ottawa Targets in about a week... this is a very big deal.

The excitement has been mounting for quite some time now, and people are rife with speculation. Would it be like the US Targets? Would we be able to get the same brands as we can there? Will it be as cheap? Yes, that last one is a biggie because nothing is 'as cheap' in Canada. There is a long, convoluted, bureaucratic, and somewhat political answer for why that is, but I won't bore you with the details. Just know that, as frustrating as it is, it is not necessarily the companies but rather the rigmarole that they have to go through to sell in this great land of ours.

Sure, there are a lot of perks to buying things here. Many products are made here... which you have to admit, is pretty awesome. I love a good 'Made in Canada' product, but sometimes I like the variety and bargain basement prices that we can get south of the border too.

Which brings me back to Target... IT'S COMING!! No but really, be cool. I'm totally cool with it. It's really no big deal.

*Beams from ear to ear*

Ahem. Right.


Target is coming and they're bringing with them many of the same brands as the US stores BUT they are also bringing with them some exciting and (some) new Canadian brands. While visiting the Mister's family this summer, I had the opportunity to pop into the new Target in North Bay and I loved it! It was very reminiscent of the Targets in Watertown, Syracuse, and Florida, that we've been to. It's big and bright with many fun products, so you'll not hear complaints from me. A Canadian brand that I was pleasantly surprised to find on the shelf there was Foxy Originals. I first heard about this cute Canadian brand while I was on maternity leave and watching the Marilyn Dennis show one day. Foxy Originals started with two girls in University and has really made it's mark. In April 2013 they announced that they would be partnering up with Target Canada by creating the "Foxy by Foxy Originals" line.

Another Canadian brand that I had the privilege to learn about via press release is Beaver Canoe for Target-

"Beaver Canoe for Target is an exclusive collection launching in Canadian Target stores this fall featuring apparel items for the entire family, in addition to home décor products, a first for Beaver Canoe. Founded in 1982 as part of Roots, Beaver Canoe brings a modern take on adventurous living and is inspired by the rustic landscape of Algonquin Park. The apparel collection will launch in Target stores across Canada on September 8, 2013, followed by the home collection on September 15. This partnership marks the second exclusive collection by Roots for Target in Canada."

So what does this mean to me?

Well, it's fall and that means it's my favourite season of the year. I love the fashion, and the comforting warmth of season appropriate clothing, but that needs to translate to our homes too! I like to keep my home palette fairly neutral so that I can add seasonal accessories in and out as necessary. The Beaver Canoe for Target collection has some amazing accessories to warm my home up for fall and winter.

Want to see?

These textured candles are the perfect small and easy accessory to add some 'cold' season to our living space.
~Beaver Canoe Rustic Cable Knit Candles Dark Grey mix and Light Grey mix 3x6 $12.99 each~
I love the modern lodge-y feeling of this bowl vase!
~Beaver Canoe Wooden Vessel  $34.99~

A warm orange lamp adds a beautiful jewel tone to any room.
~Beaver Canoe Ceramic Table Lamp $49.99~
I need a pouf and have no idea why I don't have one! Put my feet up in front of the fireplace?
Don't mind if I do!
I need one in grey for sure.
~Beaver Canoe Rustic Knit Pouf Collection 24”x24”x12”  $99.99 each~
Another lodge-y touch and it's perfectly rustic.
~Beaver Canoe Circular Wood Frame Mirror with Faux Leather Strap $99.99~

Knit pillows add texture and warmth, and a grey one or two would be great to match the pouf.
~Beaver Canoe Rustic Knit Pillow Collection 18”X18” $24.99 each~

These mixed material tables are spectacular!
The wood adds warmth, while the metal adds a modern yet rustic feel.
~Beaver Canoe Solid Wood Top Nesting Tables Black Metal Finish $79.99~


Another warm wood accessory with faux leather handles for variety.
This tray would be perfect for a coffee table.
~Beaver Canoe Solid Wood Tray with Faux Leather Handles $29.99~

The modern take on a cottage lamp is beautiful.
I really love it.
~Beaver Canoe Solid Wood Tripod Table Lamp $49.99~
~Featured with Coordinating Navajo Stripe Drum Shade $19.99~

I really think that the entire collection is a fun and affordable way to switch up your seasonal style. I think many of the items that you'll find in the Beaver Canoe for Target collection were total home runs.

I'd be remiss if I didn't show you what I picture myself lounging in my new warm room in -

Yes, they're men's but they're loose and look amazingly comfy!
(Maybe the Mister will want some too?)
~Beaver Canoe Cozy Fleece Sweat pant $24.99 Available Colours Grey mix & Black~
Long sleeves are a comfy shirt must.
~Beaver Canoe Long Sleeve Graphic Tee Shirt $19.99 Available Colours Hunter Green & Black~
Oh, and do you want to see what I want for the Mini-Mister? (Okay, but not in purple)
~Beaver Canoe Long Sleeve Jersey Henley $12.99 Available Colours Soft Purple, White Grey mix & Hunter Green~

~Beaver Canoe Cozy Fleece Sweatpant $12.99 Available Colours Soft Purple, White Grey mix, Hunter Green & Black~

Cuuuuute, right!?
This collection is in stores already or soon (if your local Target is already open) with the apparel having debuted on September 8th, and the home collection on September 15th. For those of us getting our first local Targets in Ottawa on September 17th, this collection will be available in store then.
In related news, I plan on attending the media preview for one of the Target store in Ottawa on September 16th. I hope to get you some pictures and insight pre-opening. Stay tuned both here and on Facebook!

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