Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{CSA} I need a synonym for salad...

I realize that I'm about to tell you about yet another salad, but it was SO GOOD.

It was our last night with this veggie box (love delivery day!), and we used up what was left for dinner. Dinner was grilled salmon and patty pans. Great, really. The highlight though was this corn salad -

So easy!

From our veggie box-
4 cobs of sweet Ontario corn, roasted
Mixed wedges of heirloom tomatoes

From our garden-
Fresh basil

The rest-
Olive oil
Lime juice
Salt & Pepper

Remove corn from cobs, and mix with tomato wedges.
Chop basil and mix into vegetable mixture.
Break Feta and add to mixture.
Whisk together liquid ingredients + salt & pepper.
Pour over salad and allow to marinate a little.


Here's hoping next week's delivery is as fun!

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