Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reveal: A Basement Family Room / Media Room / Play Room.

I know that this is a long time coming and I'm sorry. Not only is life supremely busy (but that's not new), and I seem to get tired sooner (they walk hand in hand, don't they?), but this was the reno that I just couldn't put to bed (truly, I still can't). It was the only project that we undertook while I was on maternity leave from, well, life. After a year, it's done... sorta. I can say this - it's as done as it's going to be for the near future. The biggest problem is that I can't sew (well, I can but I don't have a good sewing machine that I know how to thread and I'm afraid to try). It's all pretty sad really.

Anyway, I'm sure you're sitting there thinking - 'just get to the point, would ya?', and I should and I will. I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

Since we moved in 3 years ago now, our basement has been a freakin' disaster. At any given time, you could find a furniture graveyard in addition to every other item that we either a) didn't know what to do with or b) didn't have a home for yet, there. When we had the Mini-Mister (Editor's Note: It actually probably started some time around when we started getting stuff for the Mini-Mister), we decided that we should put this wasted space to good use. After a little scheming and dreaming we came up with the idea that we should make it a hybrid room with a little something for everyone. What came of that was a multi-functional, relaxing, and a little bit pretty, family/media/play room.

Just to give you a sense of what we had to let go of in order to do this project, here are some before pictures -

 See? I can't make this up. This picture is the home renovation equivalent of that before lady in the weight loss/plastic surgery/botox ad, that's frowning and wearing ugly clothes.

To me, this fireplace (ugly brass notwithstanding) just looked so incredibly unfinished. Why not just throw a random floating mantle up on the wall, Mr. Builder? Why not, I say.

{ Step 1 }
Paint out the nasty-

I actually have a real soft spot for brass, but not that brass. You know?

{ Step 2 }
Sell the old furniture and cut your ties. I've learned that there comes a time when one needs to admit that there is very little chance something is going to make it's way back into rotation. In this case, we parted ways with our first couch and love seat, an old Lazy Boy, tower speakers, another surround set, an old bed, and a dresser. Clearly stuff that we needed.

There were so many other steps. SO MANY. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures.

Here are some details instead-
  • Paint - Valspar : Coco Butter
  • Entertainment Unit - Ikea VITTSJÖ (I wanted to paint it gold like I saw on Pinterest. I still might one day, who knows. :D )
  • Antique window (over the fireplace) - My Great Grandmother's (now Grandmother's) house.
  • Curtains - Ikea JANETTE
  • Couch - Ikea MANSTAD
  • Coffee Table - Ikea LACK (Side table on casters)
  • Sofa Table - Ikea LACK
  • Linens - Ikea ALINA
  • Pillows - Bouclair Home
  • 'Fur' Throw - Chapters Indigo
  • Kid's Table - Ikea LÄTT
  • Décor - A mix, as usual : Some homesense, some from our personal collection, some Value Village and Goodwill, some Ikea, Some Walmart... and so on.

There were a couple projects undertaken in the family room as well. The first one is a large bookshelf that the Mister made for me. I know I've mentioned before that I love to read (I wish I still had time for that), and that I love to read fluff. The thing about fluff is that it really doesn't take long to get through a book, and therefore, I've developed quite the collection. Needless to say, the books were piling up and had no home. Cue the large bookshelf in a small (otherwise) wasted space... perfect! (I love it!)

A second project was the light fixtures, which I'll discuss more below.

The final project is a little teepee that I'm making for the Mini-Mister. It's not done, and kind of heinous. I'd love to tell you that I used one of those cool tutorials floating around Pinterest and the Blogosphere but no, as I said before, I just don't sew. I'm working on a no-sew method, but so far it's thrown together. I also need small pillows for the floor and to cover the hula hoop at the base. I'll get it. I will.

Anyhow details aside, here's is our (pretty much) completed room -

Enough pictures for you?

Finally, here are the light fixtures that I mentioned above. I stumbled across these lights on a blog and fell in love. Can you believe that they're made from decorative IKEA bowls!? They quickly became a basement must-have. I love me some gold.

The Mister did some reading (and put the lights together for me, obviously), and only made one change to the instructions. We initially purchased the IKEA fixtures however after a little research, found out that there are possible safety repercussions if you cut the plug and hard wire it in. Instead we busted the budget a little and bought mini pendent fixtures instead. We bought these from Lowes and they were a total breeze to work with (err.. for the Mister, of course). Aren't they spectacular!?

There you have it, our multi-purpose room/ never ending project!

What do you think?

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Fiona said...

What a beautiful room - I especially love the furniture layout!

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