Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Heads up" the Mini-Mister got his first hair cut!

As a mother I've found that I am emotionally connected to things I never thought possible. I mean really, what do I care if the baby gets a hair cut? Hair grows back! Well, of course it does but as far a milestones go, it totally counts. Our little guy was born with a full head of straw blond hair, just like his daddy was. It never occurred to me that could happen. I had black hair and I guess I just never imagined having a little blondie. Nevertheless, he was and had plenty to spare too. Shortly after birth, half his head of beautiful hair fell out leaving him quite lopsided, but over time it came back in as gorgeous as ever and quickly caught up with the other half. Fast forward 11 months and someone was starting to look a little scraggly. I mean, I still thought he looked pretty cute and I love, no LOVE his hair but with his first birthday, parties, and pictures fast approaching, a little dignity was in order.

On the recommendation of a friend, we decided to forgo the typical kid salon and take the Mini-Mister to a proper barber. She's taken her son (a friend of Mini-Mister's) to "Heads up" Barber Shop a couple times now and has been pleased each time. This barber shop is a total throwback, and it's perfect. Babies get their first cut free (yay free!) and a cute certificate to mark the occasion. Frank, the owner, even saved us some hair, and gave the little one his very first comb (a big fat win in the baby distraction game). We were very pleased with everything, from the keepsakes, to the haircut, to the extremely down to earth nature of the two people working while we were there. I can honestly say that it really took the sting out of my baby's first haircut. The loss of hair that I was inexplicably attached to. Oh man, what a sap.

I took pictures (you're shocked, I know).

So, umm, before -

The rest -

In case it isn't obvious, he was a champ! There was not a tear shed by either of us. The only thing that made it a little challenging was that he kept wanting to see what was going on!

Oh and as if this place isn't super cool already, they're opening an ice cream shop in the next week or so. AN ICE CREAM SHOP! Be still my heart.

Read more about "Heads up" here.

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Leslie said...

He is much too cute. Looks like he was a barbershop superstar! :) Yay for the mini-mister!

Alison Hobbs said...

You're a good photographer, Michelle!

Alexa said...

Awesome pictures! I love the play by play. We can't wait to see his new 'do in person. :)

Jaclyn said...

So adorable!