Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We've grown

Since I last posted we added a new member to our family.

July 6th marked three months since our family grew by the addition of one awesome little man.

I'm currently trying to lull him to sleep in my arms, because some days he seems to think naps are for suckers, so why not take this opportunity to introduce you?

If details of how this all played out aren't of any interest to you, you may want to skip down to the photos below, but should you want the details I've spared very few!

On April 5th, 2012 around 1:30am, I woke up to contractions. I found these to be totally bearable but altogether too distracting to go back to sleep. I was worried that I had to pay very close attention to what might be labour based on stories from family that we have a tendency to overlook what is happening until much further along. I counted and timed them as best as I could. Days prior, I has asked the Mister to download a contraction counter app for his phone as my due date was fast approaching, and he had but I was not ready to wake him up to help just yet. Around 5am after sporadic sleep, the Mister got up for work and I filled him in on the last few hours. I borrowed his new app while he was getting ready to see exactly how things were going. It seemed that I had gotten quite close to the one minute long and five minutes apart target, only to have things taper off. Given how things were slowing down, I sent the Mister off to work and went to sleep.

Around  9am or so that morning, I paged my midwife to ask if what I had felt was normal. I didn't want to call earlier because I hadn't wanted to wake her up for nothing. It took two tries before another midwife returned my call. Apparently Amelie, my primary, had been up all night at a birth and was still there (guess I wouldn't have woken her up after all)! I detailed the events for her and she explained that it was perfectly normal for things to have tapered off in the morning, but that I should get as much rest as possible during that day as she fully expected things to pick up again later on. I called the Mister at work and after explaining all of this, we decided that he should come home a little early and that we would both try to rest, in case it was going to be a long night. Honestly, instead of sleeping, we cleaned the house. If this baby was on his way, that meant company was not going to be too far behind, so the house needed to be spotless. Finally after all that work we were tired enough to sleep around 5pm. I kid you not, no sooner did we lie down the contractions were back. I grabbed the Mister's phone and urged him to sleep. By 7pm, they were long enough and frequent (1 minute long, 5 minutes apart, for one hour) enough for me to page Amelie again (luckily, she'd had the day to rest too). Given that this was a first baby and I was still three days before my due date, she thought that it might still be a bit premature. She suggested that I take a warm bath for half an hour and to call her back. I'd heard good things about labouring in water, so I figured there was no harm in giving it a shot! Half an hour later, before I'd even had a chance to call her back, my phone rang. Nothing had changed, the bath did not lessen the frequency of the contractions as we had thought possible, so she decided to come and check me out and at the very least, make a plan from there (she still thought that there was plenty of time). About half an hour later, around 8pm, she arrived at our house to check things out.

So, she laughed. What? Yup, she laughed. She checked me out, fully expecting that it was a false alarm, and starting laughing when she realized that I was half way there! Remarkably, since I'm I was (?) convinced that I had a very low threshold for pain, these contractions were not really painful. This played in to Amelie's rationale for me not being very far along... hmph, who knew!? Anyway, at this point she decided that she was there to stay and we chatted away (weird right?) while I laboured at home in my livingroom for the next few hours. I sent Mister to bed again, because I kept ruining his sleep and I needed him to be up and alert for potentially the rest of the night, so he obliged. Around midnight, I was checked again and it was decided from there that it was time to go to the hospital. Amelie went on ahead to get things ready, and I woke the Mister up and told him that it was time to go. We grabbed the diaper bag, my bag and a bag for the Mister too just in case we had to stay awhile and off we went. We arrived at the Queensway Carleton Hospital at 12:45am on April 6th, 2012. I had to waddle all the way from emerg to labour and delivery on the other side of the hospital but surprisingly, this wasn't a problem for me... much to the ER nurse's surprise. I seemed to be tolerating the pain just fine and this probably surprised me most of all! After getting a little turned around, we finally made it to L&D; Amelie met us at the registration, I signed us all in and we were off to the delivery room. I have to admit from this point on, it's a bit of a blur. I had to check my paperwork to figure out exactly how things played out but I do remember labouring with Amelie and Mister a little while longer in that quiet, little room in the hospital. At a certain point things started to feel pretty intense, the contractions were definitely stronger and there was no mistaking that things were moving along as they should. I was checked one last time and was only a cm off, the paperwork tells me that my water was artificially broken at 1:55am and I was ready to go at 2:15am, so off we went. First let me tell you, if you want to know what turns Michelle into a screaming, infantile, mess... it's having her water broken. Holy hell, that was the beginning of the end for me. Remember when I told you that I had felt fine? That was over. So we pushed for 30 minutes apparently. I just remember being in pretty rough shape at the point. I know I told the Mister that I was done and couldn't do it anymore (he was worried that might actually be the case), and asking if there was ANYTHING that they could give me at the point (apparently that ship had sailed). At 2:45am on April 6th, 2012 our beautiful baby boy was born. Amelie laid him on my stomach (she was on her own as the other midwife hadn't made it in time - everyone thought it would take longer - see?) so she could do whatever it is that she needed to do and I just silently sobbed while the Mister kept saying; 'look, that's our baby!' I can tell you that I wasn't looking at anything else...

So there you have it, introducing Baby N -

After all was said and done we checked out of the hospital around 5am and here he is at just under 3 hours old at 5:30am, just arrived home -

As we were arriving home we told my parents that we were going to take a nap to recover and that we would call them in the morning to come over. Here is N at 7 hours old, after the whole family got a nap on the couch, and before company arrived -

Later that evening all swaddled -

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Aspiring Kennedy said...

Oh my goodness! Yay. Congrats! :)

I have been out of the loop, too... but this is GREAT news. I'm so excited for you and sweet baby Noah. (Sorry, I peeked at the nursery and cheated on the name.) :)