Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project 12 : Love or Leap

There was a theme choice this month, but since I couldn't choose - I combined them!

I was planning on taking a picture of a good friend's engagement ring as the topic for my photo this month but the timing for that didn't work out and after thinking about it more 'Love or Leap' didn't necessarily mean that a photo 'pre' leap was necessary, haven't we all leapt into love at some point?

So there you have it, the proof that a year and a half ago on this past Valentine's Day, I too made that leap!

I don't know what is going to happen with Project 12 as there have apparently been accessibility issues for some people and things are changing to accommodate this. I haven't had any issues and found the system pretty user friendly for me, which was part of the reason that I elected to join up. I hope, for that reason, that the changes don't impact me too much and that I can continue to participate... I'll know more tomorrow.

Another thing; about that whole Oscar ballot? I suck! Seriously, the mister beat me for a second year in a row, but it wasn't difficult... I got 5. Yes, FIVE... out of twenty four!!! Oh dear.

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