Monday, January 30, 2012

Project 12 : Resolution

I'm quite tired and run down lately, between working full steam on the nursery and a few other things around the house since the holidays. This weekend, I finally sat still long enough to get some missing software loaded up onto my new laptop and could finally get some photos sorted. That means that I'll soon be able to update you on a few things that I've been sitting on since Christmas (finally, I know).

Today though, since I've left it to the absolute last minute, I'm here to show you my first submission to the 2012 Project 12. The topic was 'Resolution', which seemed fitting for the first month of a new year.  But you know? It was hard!

So let's discuss, shall we?

I read a bunch of definitions of resolution in an effort to try and inspire myself to come up with something cool and applicable to photograph, but the creative juices just wouldn't flow. Instead, I had to put it into my own words.

When someone makes a resolution, it means to me that they are;
  • Starting something new,
  • Turning over a new leaf, or
  • Making a fresh start.
Putting that into perspective for me, left only one logical option for this topic...

What is more of a fresh start, than a new baby?

So here's my new beginning, become a mom!

(I'll also kindly point out that this is your first sneak peak of the new nursery too! You're welcome.)

So, what were your resolutions? or if you didn't make any, what does the topic resolution mean to you?

Happy New Year!

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