Monday, January 30, 2012

Project 12 : Resolution

I'm quite tired and run down lately, between working full steam on the nursery and a few other things around the house since the holidays. This weekend, I finally sat still long enough to get some missing software loaded up onto my new laptop and could finally get some photos sorted. That means that I'll soon be able to update you on a few things that I've been sitting on since Christmas (finally, I know).

Today though, since I've left it to the absolute last minute, I'm here to show you my first submission to the 2012 Project 12. The topic was 'Resolution', which seemed fitting for the first month of a new year.  But you know? It was hard!

So let's discuss, shall we?

I read a bunch of definitions of resolution in an effort to try and inspire myself to come up with something cool and applicable to photograph, but the creative juices just wouldn't flow. Instead, I had to put it into my own words.

When someone makes a resolution, it means to me that they are;
  • Starting something new,
  • Turning over a new leaf, or
  • Making a fresh start.
Putting that into perspective for me, left only one logical option for this topic...

What is more of a fresh start, than a new baby?

So here's my new beginning, become a mom!

(I'll also kindly point out that this is your first sneak peak of the new nursery too! You're welcome.)

So, what were your resolutions? or if you didn't make any, what does the topic resolution mean to you?

Happy New Year!

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

As the holiday season comes to a close around here, we're starting to get ready for the next *big thing*. The mister and I were shamelessly spoiled for Christmas this year, which shouldn't have been a surprise because we always are, but this year so was the wee-one! I tell ya, this kid has so much stuff and has yet to show up! I hope everyone else's Christmas (or whatever holiday is your deal) was awesome and altogether enjoyable. Sometimes life can just get so busy, especially over the holidays, that it just becomes too difficult to stop and enjoy (because let's be honest, there really is no stopping)... so I hope you all had time to stop.

As for getting things ready now, this was our plan for the new year. Today I painted the first wall of the nursery, and hope to finish the first round tomorrow. The paint job is going to require a couple steps, so I won't show you until it's done, but rest assured - it's started! Soon we'll be going to pick up the furniture and before long it'll all be together... wish us luck!

I do have to admit though that it still doesn't feel real. I'm having real trouble wrapping my head around the fact that my due date is in 3 months. I'm having trouble working on the room and/or buying things because that timeline is just not possible. I don't even feel very big! I'm a planner though, and cannot under any circumstances leave this to the last minute, so on with the room we go and I just have to keep reminding myself 'why'.

One of the ways in which I was spoiled at Christmas was due to the new laptop that the mister bought me. To say that my previous one was on it's last leg would probably be an understatement. It would overheat like no one's business and shut down at it's convenience, also my DVD drive quit on me a little while back and slightly more recently the speakers stopped too. Apparently, due to overheating, something on the motherboard likely cracked leading to the demise of the speakers... so yeah, pretty done. Anyway, my point is that I took a bunch of pictures over the Christmas season to share with you but just have to get my editing software back up and running on the new computer, before I do.

While I am here tonight though, I wanted to show you something that I read today. Since my project 365 didn't make it, but I enjoy a good project and I foresee a lot to think about/do over the next year, this challenge was more fitting -

MCP Project 12 is a themed monthly photo challenge, from a blog I read, designed to help develop photography skills. Last year, they did Project 52 which in retrospect would have been better for me but I digress. I bought a much needed flash on boxing day (we live in a mid-row town lacking in natural light), and would like to practice as much as possible, so I signed up! I hope this project is a little more reasonable for me and that I actually learn something from it. I fully intend to share whatever I come up with, with you along the way.

Anyway, that's my update for tonight. I hope everyone had a great New Year celebration last night and that good things are expected for 2012!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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