Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Five - Mmmm Chicken!

6.2.11 : 153/365

Thursday, June 2nd, 2010 was a stat holiday in France meaning there wasn't much to do by way of relying on businesses in Martinique... no trouble at all, we are very versed in entertaining ourselves!

To start we went for a drive. We were told, the evening prior, that because it was a stat we would be able to find that marvelous road side chicken that I promised the mister I would find for him. Turns out, this is really just a weekend thing (I was starting to panic when I couldn't find it), but stats are like weekends, so this was our day. So yes, went for a drive and purchased a road side smoked chicken, six cod accras, and a pineapple, all just outside of a roundabout (I'll show you more pictures of this in the next installment).

After all of this though, we spent a fair bit of time at the beach. It was busier than most days because the locals were out in full force, spending time with friends and family on the beach, swimming and playing a little 'football' (read: soccer). After a relaxing morning, we decided to go for a drive to explore the south Caribbean portion of the island that we had yet to discover.

Here are some pictures of Le Diament in the distance (more to come);

After a long afternoon drive, we went back to the flat and settled in for dinner;

Fresh pineapple from the roadside stand...Delicious!-

A totally relaxing and awesome day!
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