Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love books!

5.10.11 : 130/365

My workplace does a lot of fundraising for United Way every year, including used book sales. I love books a lot, if you haven`t noticed and I`m not the library type so it`s an expensive habit! The odd used book sale totally works for me because I usually find the not `hot off the presses`books that I still want to read. This time I found `Fifth Business` by Canadian author Robertson Davis, which is the first book in a trilogy of which I have already read the other two. `Further Under the Duvet` by Marian Keyes, the second book of short stories by Marian. I read the first one just recently (received it for Christmas) and discussed it here. Lastly, I got my hands on `The Complete Works of William Shakespeare` which I may or may not read at some point in the next 40 years. If I am being truthful (and why wouldn`t I be... feel free to judge), I just thought it was a good thing to have AND it looks pretty on my buffet sitting with my copy of `Gone with the Wind` done in the same vintage look!

So there you have it, I`m just another nerd that gets excited by a used book sale! :)

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