Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preparing for London night!

4.28.11 : 118/365

Given the British fever, and huge festivities on the 29th. We contributed our own mini celebration by deeming it 'London Night'. Dishes were chosen out of another of my beloved Williams-Sonoma cookbooks, and I found a dessert recipe online. This required a little planning but luckily one of the dishes was something that we had been wanting to make for awhile. Didn't everyone do London night? Wasn't everyone as obsessed as me? :)
From the Publisher:
Williams-Sonoma Foods of the World London captures the excitement of this vibrant urban center. This volume explores where to find wonderful artisanal cheeses and locally brewed ales; the best markets, delicatessens, bakeries, and specialty merchants; and describes London's most celebrated chefs and restaurants.

You can find the book here, though you may want to check as they seem to have them in stock.

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