Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally finished an awesome book!!

4.22.11 : 112/365

When Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy sent me this book, she said that she had really enjoyed it. Now that I've finally had the time to read it (I would win an awesome advance copy of a book when I'm too busy to breathe), I couldn't agree was fab!!

'From Notting Hill with Love... Actually' is the debut novel by Ali McNamera. I am really quite a fan of her work and cannot wait for another book. This was chick lit through and through, and just the kind of light read that I've come to know and love. The premise that rom coms could be a real part of every day life? Perfect!! Let's be honest, who doesn't love a rom com? Especially a British one... don't lie, if you don't love them, you may not have a pulse.

I can't give you much of a review because in all honesty I would just babble on about different parts of the book and totally spoil the whole lot, and we both know that would be a shame. Instead I'll start by giving you the details according to;

'She was just a girl, standing in front of a boy ...wishing he looked more like Hugh Grant. Scarlett loves the movies. But does she love sensible fiance David just as much? With a big white wedding on the horizon, Scarlett really should have decided by now ...When she has the chance to house-sit in Notting Hill - the setting of one of her favourite movies - Scarlett jumps at the chance. But living life like a movie is trickier than it seems, especially when her new neighbour Sean is so irritating. And so irritatingly handsome, too. Scarlett soon finds herself starring in a romantic comedy of her very own: but who will end up as the leading man?'

I'm actually so behind on my blog because I didn't have the time to devote to writing this, as this book deserved. I didn't know what to write, I just love it so much. Look at me, I'm gushing!

So all in all, I'm smitten and am already scheming and plotting on how I am going to get my hands on a copy of her next book; 'Breakfast at Darcy's' which is only due out in November (whether or not that's in the UK first again, I'm not sure). How will I ever make it??  Ali? Any thoughts?? :P I heart you!
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