Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter with Family and Friends

4.24.11 : 114/365

As someone who loves being a hostess, ensuring that I had some fun and unique favours for my Easter dinner guests was crucial.

I made these marshmallows from this recipe, added some food colouring, cut them with a round cookie cutter, stuck a stick in them, and drizzled them with melted chocolate chips. I was too full to indulge in mine right after dinner, but once I did, I was happy to say that they were fabulous! I'm pretty proud of myself (even if they were a cinch to make - shhh) !

Here are some other photos from dinner -

Heirloom carrots

View my table from a guest's perspective

FOOD! Lots and lots of it!

(Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of dessert, Raspberry-rhubarb pavlova cupcakes, put together but the recipe can be found here and I highly recommend giving them a shot as they are the perfect spring sweet, pretty easy and very, very tasty!!)

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