Friday, April 22, 2011

Pulled pork with ginger-bourbon sauce

4.16.11 : 106/365

I modified this one slightly as we didn't have any bourbon and didn't think buying any was a sound decision since it's not really our beverage of choice, but I threw caution to the wind and threw in the Canadian Whisky that we had on hand. They aren't exactly the same thing but I had good reason to think it would be fine and it was. Honestly, this recipe was a bit too sweet for me because I'm generally more of a savoury fan. The pulled pork expert in the house (the mister obviously, he's the only other person here) was a HUGE fan, so I would consider it a solid success!

You guess it, it's another recipe from Chatelaine!

As a side we made Artichoke chickpea salad, and while we could manage a taste (wayy too full off sandwiches) and it was great, it does lend itself well to being packed up and taken for lunch the next day!


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