Sunday, April 3, 2011


3.30.11 : 89/365

Part of my prize package from the awesome Aspiring Kennedy (tell her I sent ya), were these amazing caramelised biscuits from Lotus (a company from Belgium). They were so good actually that they really didn't last very long so I quickly set off to research where they were available (assuming that we would have to pick up a stash next time we were in France OR beg mom and dad to pick some up this summer). In my search I found that Anna's thins were the same company and that the cookies were available in Canada... at Ikea! With this kitchen reno consuming our lives, we were making near daily trips to Ikea (and Lowes, don't forget Lowes) so I made a point of searching them out last time. I bought four (yes, four) packages because I wanted to try each kind (and I needed two ginger ones). Did you know that these boxes cost $1.29 a piece??? That's cheaper than their hot dogs, which they pretty much give away.

Here's the deal, ginger and almond cinnamon - so good, Cappuccino - not so much (make that, not at all, you want them?).

They really aren't the same as the delicious Lotus ones, which I will pick up at any opportunity but they certainly are good cookies and make the perfect after dinner snack with a Dolce Gusto (quickly becoming a prized possession of ours) lungo.

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