Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Royal Mail!

3.15.11 : 74/365

Not royal mail, but Royal Mail... as in, move over Canada Post... England's in the house!

I received a package from Oxford today, remember how I told you that I won that giveaway on Aspiring Kennedy?? Well, it's here... and I'm giddy!

So Lauren is some kinda awesome, I can't lie. My package was stuffed with the promised; Pucci inspired mug, Marks and Spencer tea, and a signed copy of Ali McNamara's first novel, 'From Notting Hill... With Love Actually' (due in North America in April). In addition to the expected goodies, there were also a couple kinds of cookies (umm, tasty!) and because I couldn't decide which kind of tea that I wanted...she included both! So sweet! I can't wait to dig into everything (well, the stuff I haven't tried yet) but I'm in the middle of a book, so this one is up next. I'll review it as soon as I get through it and I hope (and expect) that it will be before it's out here, so that I can assure you that you should pre-order it, even though you should probably just go ahead and do it now.

Check it out-

Seriously, giddy. Thanks so much Lauren!!

Oh and look what else was in the fun (mail)box today...

...flooring samples!!! Kitchen reno totally coming together! (You should probably stay tuned for that too!)

I also just want to add that I'm getting into channeling my 'inner Upper East Side' lately as it seems this whole Gossip Girl thing is going to my head. So, I may need to move to New York... can I borrow some cash for a Fifth Avenue penthouse? I'll pay it back, promise.

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Aspiring Kennedy said...

Yay! I love that you were excited to get your package. I couldn't wait to hear that it made it your way.... and yes, of course, I had to put in both teas and some extra goods!!! :) Reading is all the better that way!!