Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Probably not legal

3.19.11 : 78/365

We make things fit in our truck that have NO business fitting in there. The result is usually me, squished in the backseat with whatever the offending items du jour are. Saturday was a new one for me though, I was both beside and under a large selection of the lumber department Lowes. We could probably open a Lowes at this point, not kidding. Seriously. :)

About the renos, while I may share the odd random picture I will not be sharing anything obvious until I have a finished product to show... sorry, you'll just have to stick around for this one!

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letz0414 said...

The sacrifices we make so things work! I've done something similar! We had a Jeep and were transporting a big box (I forget what exactly what it was) ... I was squished in the back between the box and the window holdin' on!!! Hehehe!!! It was either that or two trips! :D

Happy home Reno!! We may be going that route ourselves (potentially)!!!