Monday, March 14, 2011

Good friend(s) and a glass of wine

3.12.11 : 71/365

On Saturday night, we had plans to have a couple friends over to finally christen our Raclette machine. Now I know that I have talked a lot about this fancy machine and yet it's all been pillow talk so far because it has still sat unused. Well kids, today is no exception. Saturday morning we headed down to the Byword market and hit up the Italian market for some awesome meats, and the cheese market for the better part of a wheel of cheese (I may be exaggerating a touch but seriously, only a touch). After that we got lunch at our favorite french bakery and full and happily headed towards home. One of the invitees was really not feeling well and at the time of this being brought to my attention, only half way through a major work shift. Given that this is the kind of meal that would suffer heavily if done half-assed... we postponed. No worries, I rang up the cheese market where I had just purchased the sizable chunk of cheese and discussed my options. I was assured that it was totally 'freezable', and so now it is safely tucked away in the freezer until we have our do-over! (I won't tell you when that is, I won't even mention it again until after it has happened... promise!)

Anyway, when all was said and done my friends still made it over but we had considerably more low key, drinks and a small Jersey Shore marathon. Here's the deal; I'm perplexed by it all, I spend the majority of the episodes with my jaw hanging open or my hands over my face... but I completely get why this is a lot of people's guilty pleasure... I really do! It's almost impossible to look away!! I have enough guilty pleasures that I'm in no position to judge anyone for their choice of entertainment, one being the fact that I made it through the first season of Gossip Girl this past weekend. I'm dying to get started on season two!
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