Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bloggers day of silence / For Japan with love

3.18.11 : 77/365

I'm not officially participating as I don't have enough of a following, but in that case I want to be the one to break the silence in order to draw attention to it, as I truly appreciate the gesture on the part of the participants. This is an awesome collection of bloggers coming together to support a great cause. I will simply state that if you have the means to give anything to anyone in need (Japan and recently New Zealand were in the spotlight, but everyday there are so many) please do so, everything counts. There is a donation link on that page above if you are at all interested in this movement.

Hope you had a Friday everyone, and keep the victim's (sorry, horrible word but I'm lost for another) Friday in mind, their weekend probably didn't hold the same appeal.

Now as promised, my kitchen before:


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