Sunday, March 27, 2011

First sign of life!

3.27.11 : 86/365

I planted some herbs to keep in our new kitchen and this morning the mister pointed out a little sprout! I'd be lying if I said that I haven't studied every other pot for any kind of life too but alas, it's too soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was busy and I woke up this morning with a sore throat which is very lame but I'm thinking since I woke up with it today, I can wake up without it tomorrow! :)

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Not Optional.

3.26.11 : 85/365

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The new kid.

3.25.11 : 84/365

A little sneak peak into the kitchen -

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The air up there.

3.24.11 : 83/365

Tonight after running some errands, the mister and I noticed a low flying plane for a fleeting moment, and naturally thought it was a little odd. Next thing we know, it seems to be doing laps over the burbs...weird.

Here it is flying over our house after we got home-

Amid the disaster and freezer pizzas (don't pretend you didn't see it all in the mess of cardboard), we're trying to eat like our normal selves a little. It's not easy but it's also not optional so we do what we can. Dinner tonight was tasty, we had;

Sweet and spicy glazed salmon and greens (but we switched up the greens to Chinese lettuce)
Emerald kale salad.

We're big fans of both, these will become repeat players around here.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


3.23.11 : 82/365

The only problem with this is that an attempt was made to tear them all out last year, and it seemed successful until now. The worst part? the ones that are now in the middle of our lawn because we reformatted the previous owner's jungle of a garden.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maybe we skipped summer... anyone?

3.22.11 : 81/365

Deceiving sun.
At least the snow you dumped on us yesterday has melted again! :( Brrrr...

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Perma-paint? But it's acrylic!

3.21.11 : 80/365

This mess is from Friday (but obviously picture taken today), and I'm not done painting. There is a good chance that I won't ever again be paint free.

At least it's a neutral?

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Living in chaos!

3.20.11 : 79/365

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Probably not legal

3.19.11 : 78/365

We make things fit in our truck that have NO business fitting in there. The result is usually me, squished in the backseat with whatever the offending items du jour are. Saturday was a new one for me though, I was both beside and under a large selection of the lumber department Lowes. We could probably open a Lowes at this point, not kidding. Seriously. :)

About the renos, while I may share the odd random picture I will not be sharing anything obvious until I have a finished product to show... sorry, you'll just have to stick around for this one!

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Bloggers day of silence / For Japan with love

3.18.11 : 77/365

I'm not officially participating as I don't have enough of a following, but in that case I want to be the one to break the silence in order to draw attention to it, as I truly appreciate the gesture on the part of the participants. This is an awesome collection of bloggers coming together to support a great cause. I will simply state that if you have the means to give anything to anyone in need (Japan and recently New Zealand were in the spotlight, but everyday there are so many) please do so, everything counts. There is a donation link on that page above if you are at all interested in this movement.

Hope you had a Friday everyone, and keep the victim's (sorry, horrible word but I'm lost for another) Friday in mind, their weekend probably didn't hold the same appeal.

Now as promised, my kitchen before:


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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before the kitchen...before.

3.17.11 : 76/365

It's going to be a busy weekend... house is in shambles!

I think tomorrow I just might share our kitchen 'before' because at this rate, the 'after' isn't too far away.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All BBQ, All. The. Time.

3.16.11 : 75/365

It's been a great week here in (formerly) very snowy Ottawa.. keep on melting!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Royal Mail!

3.15.11 : 74/365

Not royal mail, but Royal Mail... as in, move over Canada Post... England's in the house!

I received a package from Oxford today, remember how I told you that I won that giveaway on Aspiring Kennedy?? Well, it's here... and I'm giddy!

So Lauren is some kinda awesome, I can't lie. My package was stuffed with the promised; Pucci inspired mug, Marks and Spencer tea, and a signed copy of Ali McNamara's first novel, 'From Notting Hill... With Love Actually' (due in North America in April). In addition to the expected goodies, there were also a couple kinds of cookies (umm, tasty!) and because I couldn't decide which kind of tea that I wanted...she included both! So sweet! I can't wait to dig into everything (well, the stuff I haven't tried yet) but I'm in the middle of a book, so this one is up next. I'll review it as soon as I get through it and I hope (and expect) that it will be before it's out here, so that I can assure you that you should pre-order it, even though you should probably just go ahead and do it now.

Check it out-

Seriously, giddy. Thanks so much Lauren!!

Oh and look what else was in the fun (mail)box today...

...flooring samples!!! Kitchen reno totally coming together! (You should probably stay tuned for that too!)

I also just want to add that I'm getting into channeling my 'inner Upper East Side' lately as it seems this whole Gossip Girl thing is going to my head. So, I may need to move to New York... can I borrow some cash for a Fifth Avenue penthouse? I'll pay it back, promise.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

It's summertime!!

3.14.11  : 74/365

So maybe it isn't actually summer, but I did stand outside this afternoon in a tank top and not freeze... things are looking up!

Some neighbour somewhere around here thought it would be a good idea to stink up the place with BBQ, and we thought that was a pretty good idea!

Really? It was amazing and it tasted exactly like summer...just perfect!

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School night food

3.13.11 : 72/365

I don't know why but for the longest time I have referred to work nights as school nights. Maybe it's my lame way of being clever, my inability to function unless I adhere to the same sleep schedule as a 6 year old, or the inherent similarities sometimes...but one way or another- school nights.

School nights spell out different food choices than the weekend. Friday and Saturdays get booked up very quickly with the many meals we want to make (I'm two issues behind on my cooking my way through Chatelaine... Hello!?!) We ate pretty good this weekend but Sunday still re-incarnates the greens and other veggie intensive food. You know, sometimes (ok, often) I wish I could eat pizza and heavy cream meals everyday, but I like my garden food too... I don't know, maybe I'm feverish.

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Good friend(s) and a glass of wine

3.12.11 : 71/365

On Saturday night, we had plans to have a couple friends over to finally christen our Raclette machine. Now I know that I have talked a lot about this fancy machine and yet it's all been pillow talk so far because it has still sat unused. Well kids, today is no exception. Saturday morning we headed down to the Byword market and hit up the Italian market for some awesome meats, and the cheese market for the better part of a wheel of cheese (I may be exaggerating a touch but seriously, only a touch). After that we got lunch at our favorite french bakery and full and happily headed towards home. One of the invitees was really not feeling well and at the time of this being brought to my attention, only half way through a major work shift. Given that this is the kind of meal that would suffer heavily if done half-assed... we postponed. No worries, I rang up the cheese market where I had just purchased the sizable chunk of cheese and discussed my options. I was assured that it was totally 'freezable', and so now it is safely tucked away in the freezer until we have our do-over! (I won't tell you when that is, I won't even mention it again until after it has happened... promise!)

Anyway, when all was said and done my friends still made it over but we had considerably more low key, drinks and a small Jersey Shore marathon. Here's the deal; I'm perplexed by it all, I spend the majority of the episodes with my jaw hanging open or my hands over my face... but I completely get why this is a lot of people's guilty pleasure... I really do! It's almost impossible to look away!! I have enough guilty pleasures that I'm in no position to judge anyone for their choice of entertainment, one being the fact that I made it through the first season of Gossip Girl this past weekend. I'm dying to get started on season two!
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Hostess with the... Ugh I'm stopping, that's lame!

3.11.11 : 70/365

The mister and I are hosts by nature. We love having people over, cooking for them and entertaining them. Friday night however we took a good friend up on an offer of dinner at her place. For all the hundreds of times we have hosted her, she wanted to get the chance, for a change. For dinner we had; Caprese salad and shrimp and salmon pasta, and they were wonderful! This friend in particular has done a TON for us over the years, not the least of which was being the best damn Maid of Honour (I'm Canadian folks, that's not a typo!) a girl could dream of! Now, she has one more hat to hang... Great host and great cook! (I hear fables of divine cupcakes too!)

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy weekend ahead.

3.10.11 : 69/365

A box full of supplies to make invitations for a good friend's 30th birthday gala.
I'll post 'finished' pictures once I receive mine! :)
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We got more snow

3.9.11 : 68/365

So naturally, we also got more comfort food -

Sorry it was late, I'm beat this week for some reason. I've been doing so much napping that I haven't even been able to keep up with the blogs I read, let alone the one I write... I don't like being behind!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's mardi gras!

3.8.11 : 67/365

So yeah, these were 'Pancake Tuesday' leftovers! :)

I tweeted this recipe this morning but for those of you who aren't on my Twitter, it's from Michael Smith; totally delicious, and totally new to me - Whole Grain Pancakes.

To no lesser extent, it is also International Women's Day.

On that note, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the fabulous women that I have the pleasure of knowing and sharing my life with... you are all wonderful!

Happy you day!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Uh oh,

3.7.11 : 66/365

The reno wheels are a turnin'...
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