Monday, February 21, 2011

Twit? Tweet? Twitter??

2.21.11 : 52/365

I would list everything that I ate this past weekend so that you may 'get' why I've been feeling green all day, but then I'm certain you would call me a pig... so you'll just have to trust me on this one. :(

Anyway, my picture for today is a crappy blackberry one but at least it'll give you a glimpse of my view all day :S

My ginger ale, and a two pug blanket.

Ok, now that I've passed the first official milestone, I wanted to touch base with you a little...

Ignore the text under/beside the purple notes, in retrospect it's confusing but I'm too weak to do it again!

Right, so while couch bound today I signed up for Twitter. I was convinced by someone that shall remain nameless, that since I read people's tweets anyway it's just easier to bite the bullet, sign up and have them all in one place. You know, the actual concept behind Twitter. As for the other points, I just want to know who my readers are. I can see where people visit from so I'm intrigued to know more.... show the LOVE please!!

Alright, that's all... I'm back to bed!
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Twitter world now....