Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trial and Error

2.17.11 : 48/365

I'm trying a couple of new things tonight, so I'm really hoping for success for my efforts in the morning.

The first are Marshmallows. I don't know why but I have always found marshmallows quite daunting but wouldn't you know it, they were so easy! (here's hoping they turn out though) I wanted to make marshmallows for favours at our wedding but got scared off, and now I'm disappointed... I should have tried!

I used the recipe out of the February Chatelaine (they'll get me to try anything) and while I am still waiting for them to set, they seem pretty decent so far.

Vanilla Marshmallows (if these ones work out, I'll be trying out all kinds)

Also, I am trying out a Steel cut oats, slow cooker recipe for breakfast tomorrow. This recipe comes highly recommended and even though I am scared that my oats are going to be caked to the pot in the morning... I'm trying it. I should also add that I have never used a slow cooker before, Ryan brought it into the relationship and even he has only used it once or twice in the 7 years that we've been together... I'm skeptical.

Alright, so that stuff is all set up and ready to go and I'm about to crash but my March Bon Appetit arrived tonight so I have to save some energy to browse that too!

Night!! (oh yes, I also want to apologize because my posts are probably full of errors and not the most cohesive writing ever, but I've read them over and over and I'm still missing stuff... I've just been so tired lately by the time I get to write... so, I'm truly sorry.)

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Janny A. said...

I've heard of that slow cooker recipe. Hubby and I were just saying how we need to use our slow cooker more, but I worry that would make way too much for just the two of us... Let me know hos it turns out!
And, I'm off to bed to cuddle with the cat, a cup of warm milk and honey and the Chatelaine ;) Those 'shmallows look YUMMY!! :)

Rymistri@la vie en fuchsia said...

Well, it turned out perfectly (there was a little stuck but wayyy less than expected). To give you an idea of what it yields, I had a small bowl this morning and Ryan did too (though smaller than mine) and the rest filled a deep, round ziplock reuseable container. I've thrown it in the frige and will just warm it up with a little milk in the mornings until it is gone. You could maybe do it Monday and it would last you the week...

The marshmallows do look yummy... they are waiting for me to finish them tonight. I have an idea of what I may do to this since they are just plain jane... stay tuned! :P

Your night sounded awesome... I hope it was great!