Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Sunday - This ain't no dress rehearsal.

2.27.11 : 58/365

How cool is it that James Franco graced my picture?? :)

Such a fabulous event deserves a fabulous dinner. I know I promised raclette but a trip to the grocery store offered something we haven't had in awhile so we had to jump at the chance - Skate. We LOVE skate but while we used to be able to find it all the time at our local grocery store, since moving to this area it has been no where to be found even though I always ask at the market. As soon as we saw it we knew we had to 'get while the getting was good' so we did.

This book has a recipe that is similar to how my mom always used to make it, I just adapted it a little to taste more like home. No tomatoes for starters, but the rest is pretty spot on.

The prime ingredients for our fabulous dinner - 

And the dinner itself -

I downloaded these AWESOME Oscar ballots from Twig and Thistle. They proved to be a lot of fun, we made our picks before the show started... so far, I'm an EPIC fail.

There's James again!

I'll chat more about this tomorrow. :)
I hope you're enjoying the glitz and glamour!

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