Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An early birthday present...

2.8.11 : 39/365

...no, not really. The reality is though that all I want for my birthday is for my back to feel better, so it wouldn't have been a bad early birthday present.

Today I got this;

and I'm excited to try it out. It's this or bust really, so if this doesn't work it's back to Physio for moi.

I used to have an Obus Form pillow (the one with the dip in the middle) that I got when I started Physio a little more than a year ago, and I found it helped for awhile. After attending Physio for a few months, I was given the green light by the Therapist, that I was looking good and I could go for massage as needed but I had done well and didn't need to come back. Almost a month ago now though, things started to quit on me again much to my disappointment. I was starting to feel better last week, as I was doing my stretches that I had to do last year, that is until Sunday night/Monday morning of this week. Long story short, yesterday my neck was bothering me again while I was at work, and I was exhausted (the two could be linked, the jury is still out). I took some meds which absolutely demolished any energy that I had left, and I was literally falling asleep in the truck on the way home. I pretty much slept last night away on the couch and then headed to bed at the normal time. This morning was no better though so I'm left looking for more solutions. I discovered that my awesome Obus Form is now flimsy as all get out, so a new pillow was a necessity, cue that guy up there... he has his work cut out for him, no pressure.

As for dinner, I was supposed to make a Celery and Fennel soup last night for dinner but that wasn't happening so we made it as a side dish for the Spicy Pork and Peppers that was scheduled for tonight. Everything turned out great! Food will never fail me! :)

Please excuse my first attempt at a storyboard... I'll get better! :)

In other news, I'm thinking about my Grandpa today it would have been his birthday... Thinking of you Poppa! xoxo


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