Tuesday, February 15, 2011


2.15.11 : 46/365

Drink tea out of a pretty mug, it's always good for a smile!

I received this sample with my most recent Chatelaine mag, and I just got around to trying it, it's really good! I've a big fan of Tazo teas for a long time now, I try wherever possible to only drink that brand because I have always found them to be far better than any others, but I am always open to suggestions. That said, this was my preferred brand and a great new option.

Just to let you know, we got around to having the Corn Chowder tonight and it was just as good as expected! I highly recommend you try it.

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Janny A. said...

I just got my Chateleine (forgot I was subscribed to the thing. Thank you free Rogers 6 month sub.!!), and have that tea!! Can't wait to try it :) I have an Apple Cinnamon one here that's quite yummy from them.

Rymistri@la vie en fuchsia said...

I have a short list of must tries if you are interested.

Here they are, in no particular order;
Awake - delicious black tea
Earl Grey - I'm sure I don't need to describe
Refresh - an awesome peppermint tea
Calm - a chamomile tea that knocks me out.. best sleep ever!

Janny A. said...

I bought Calm a while ago cause I was having troubles sleeping and you're right, works like a charm!!
I have one pack of Awake, but haven't tried it yet.
I have never tried Earl Grey... Some people's comments on that type have just scared me :S
I know I've tried one Peppermint kind before, but can't remember if it's theirs or not... Will need to try it out for sure :)

Rymistri@la vie en fuchsia said...

What do people say about Earl Grey?? It's delicious!