Monday, February 28, 2011

Didn't miss my calling...

2.28.11 : 59/365

So I didn't do so well last night... see that? 8 out of 17!!! FAIL!

So these were the categories that we tried to picked;

Actor - Leading
Won: Colin Firth - The King's Speech
I picked: Colin Firth - The King's Speech (Obviously!!)
Mister picked: Colin Firth - The King's Speech

Actor- Supporting
Won: Christian Bale - The Fighter
I picked: Geoffrey Rush - The King's Speech (he totally should have won, but Bale did a good job too)
Mister picked: Christian Bale - The Fighter

Actress - Leading
Won: Natalie Portman - Black Swan
I picked: Natalie Portman - Black Swan (movie was messed... but intense, and good.)
Mister picked: Natalie Portman - Black Swan
Actress - Supporting
Won: Melissa Leo - The Fighter
I picked: Helena Bonham Carter - The King's Speech (really? she was fabulous)
Mister picked: Hailee Steinfeld - True Grit
Animated Feature
Won: Toy Story 3
I picked: Toy Story 3
Mister picked: Toy Story 3

Art Direction
Won: Alice in Wonderland
I picked: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (I was totally mixed between this and Alice... I'm pleased)
Mister picked: Inception

Cinematography (I don't actually know what this category constitutes, I'll look into it for next year)
Won: Inception
I picked: The King's Speech
Mister picked: Inception

Costume Design
Won: Alice in Wonderland
I picked: Alice in Wonderland
Mister picked: Alice in Wonderland

Won: Tom Hooper - The King's Speech
I picked: Tom Hooper - The King's Speech
Mister picked: Darren Aronofsky - Black Swan

Documentary Feature (This was a total blind guess)
Won: Inside Job
I picked: Exit Through The Gift Shop
Mister picked: Restrepo

Film Editing
Won: The Social Network
I picked: 127 Hours
Mister picked: Black Swan

Foreign Language Film (Another blind guess)
Won: In a Better World
I picked: Biutiful
Mister picked: Biutiful

Original Score
Won: The Social Network
I picked: The King's Speech
Mister picked: The Social Network

Best Picture
Won: The King's Speech
I picked: The King's Speech (Like there was any other choice...)
Mister picked: The King's Speech

Visual Effects
Won: Inception
I picked: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I
Mister picked: Inception

Screenplay - Adapted
Won: The Social Network
I picked: The Social Network
Mister picked: The Social Network

Screenplay - Original
Won: The King's Speech
I picked: The King's Speech
Mister picked: The Fighter

I probably would have done better if I hadn't picked The King's Speech in every possible category. I enjoyed the show, even though I heard a lot of hating. The Oscar's are not like some other award shows, they are not put on for the viewing audience but rather for those in attendance. I also love watching the country music award shows because they really are glorified concerts, they are incredibly entertaining, but the Academy Awards are not after the same demographic. The Oscar's are a little old Hollywood, mixed with a little modern Hollywood, with a whole lotta glitz and glamour. I just don't understand the hate, if I had no desire to watch it, I wouldn't not watch and complain... who benefits from that??
**My formatting is all messed again, I don't know why Blogger always does this to me but I wanted to get something up... I'll try to work on it later.** :(

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Sunday - This ain't no dress rehearsal.

2.27.11 : 58/365

How cool is it that James Franco graced my picture?? :)

Such a fabulous event deserves a fabulous dinner. I know I promised raclette but a trip to the grocery store offered something we haven't had in awhile so we had to jump at the chance - Skate. We LOVE skate but while we used to be able to find it all the time at our local grocery store, since moving to this area it has been no where to be found even though I always ask at the market. As soon as we saw it we knew we had to 'get while the getting was good' so we did.

This book has a recipe that is similar to how my mom always used to make it, I just adapted it a little to taste more like home. No tomatoes for starters, but the rest is pretty spot on.

The prime ingredients for our fabulous dinner - 

And the dinner itself -

I downloaded these AWESOME Oscar ballots from Twig and Thistle. They proved to be a lot of fun, we made our picks before the show started... so far, I'm an EPIC fail.

There's James again!

I'll chat more about this tomorrow. :)
I hope you're enjoying the glitz and glamour!

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Saturday night

2.26.11 : 57/365

Saturday night was spent at the Portuguese club as a dear friend is the new President of the board and it was his first party. It was great! Things went really well for him, there was a great turn out, and dinner was delicious. I would say it was a success... here's to many more successes for him!

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Busy, busy, busy

2.25.11 : 56/365

It's been a busy weekend around here, nevertheless I did not forgot about my blog and my project so here is Friday's contribution -

I'm trying really hard to get back into sushi because I used to really enjoy it. We're going on year 5 since the great sushi food poisoning event of 2006 and I still cannot fathom setting foot in a sushi restaurant but I am trying to re-integrate it into my diet by purchasing the occasional bento box from the grocery store. So far, I've been able to eat it, and I haven't gotten sick again but I still haven't found that old love yet.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Caught red handed...

err... red pawed??
2.24.11 : 55/365

This girl was busted!

You'd think we don't feed her, but we do I swear!
(Don't mind the mess...)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fridge Dinner

2.23.11 : 54/365

The mister possesses the rare ability to make a super tasty, well put together meal with... whatever is in the fridge. Behold.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some assembly required...

2.22.11 : 53/365

This is what was in the Raclette box... I'm working on it.

Ever seen Ikea picture instructions? (of course you have) these are worse.

Looking to use the finished product on Sunday... I still have time! :)

(I was just reminded that I got an the ice cream maker and pasta maker attachments for my Kitchenaid for Christmas... must figure those out too....)

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Twit? Tweet? Twitter??

2.21.11 : 52/365

I would list everything that I ate this past weekend so that you may 'get' why I've been feeling green all day, but then I'm certain you would call me a pig... so you'll just have to trust me on this one. :(

Anyway, my picture for today is a crappy blackberry one but at least it'll give you a glimpse of my view all day :S

My ginger ale, and a two pug blanket.

Ok, now that I've passed the first official milestone, I wanted to touch base with you a little...

Ignore the text under/beside the purple notes, in retrospect it's confusing but I'm too weak to do it again!

Right, so while couch bound today I signed up for Twitter. I was convinced by someone that shall remain nameless, that since I read people's tweets anyway it's just easier to bite the bullet, sign up and have them all in one place. You know, the actual concept behind Twitter. As for the other points, I just want to know who my readers are. I can see where people visit from so I'm intrigued to know more.... show the LOVE please!!

Alright, that's all... I'm back to bed!
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthdays are awesome...

...when you're still a twenty-something!

2.20.11 : 51/365

I realized a few weeks ago that I was dreading my birthday, then I realized that it wasn't yet my thirtieth and I felt a huge weight lifted... amazing! :) (Err... not that there is anything wrong with that... it's just, a thing.)

Anyway, it has been an amazing weekend thanks to the mister, my parents, my friends and all the well wishers too, I feel incredibly special and all warm and fuzzy inside. I'll talk more about my birthday in the coming days to get everyone up to speed but I am just so thoroughly exhausted tonight that I have to call it quits.

I'll leave you with my picture for today though, hopefully it'll give away what I plan to have to dinner, very, very soon -

If you look back here, it'll give you an idea of what it is in case you don't know. I was just saying yesterday that I was craving it... so I am so happy right now! I have mom and dad to thank for this exciting bday gift!

Also, here is a picture of my new clothes that I picked up today, they were my gift from the mister... what a cool guy!

Lastly, today marks day 51 of my project 365 and is the first (self-imposed) milestone that I set. I wanted to make it to my birthday for starters, and I did!! :) Next up, Easter.

Thanks for sticking around, this long... I hope to see you all still here on December 31st and beyond!!


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It was a good day

2.19.11 : 50/365

...more on this tomorrow.

In addition to this; a little dessert 'us' style -

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Friday, February 18, 2011


2.18.11 : 49/365

So more on that in a second, but first  a shot from the drive home...

It was sunny and warm today in Ottawa, a real spring-like day. Unfortunately, everything that melted is supposed to freeze over night, but we're taking it one day at a time. Today was just so...nice.

Now, about those marshmallows. When I left you yesterday I said that they seemed pretty decent but I hadn't cut them yet at the time. I have now cut them and dusted them as instructed in the last step of the recipe... they are AWESOME! They taste just like marshmallows but better and fresher...mmmmm not stale. :)

I made a special treat with them this afternoon, they were sooo good!!!

These are my new marshmallows, dipped in melted Reese peanut butter chips and left to set. There are none left.

Hope everyone's Friday has been a good one so far!!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trial and Error

2.17.11 : 48/365

I'm trying a couple of new things tonight, so I'm really hoping for success for my efforts in the morning.

The first are Marshmallows. I don't know why but I have always found marshmallows quite daunting but wouldn't you know it, they were so easy! (here's hoping they turn out though) I wanted to make marshmallows for favours at our wedding but got scared off, and now I'm disappointed... I should have tried!

I used the recipe out of the February Chatelaine (they'll get me to try anything) and while I am still waiting for them to set, they seem pretty decent so far.

Vanilla Marshmallows (if these ones work out, I'll be trying out all kinds)

Also, I am trying out a Steel cut oats, slow cooker recipe for breakfast tomorrow. This recipe comes highly recommended and even though I am scared that my oats are going to be caked to the pot in the morning... I'm trying it. I should also add that I have never used a slow cooker before, Ryan brought it into the relationship and even he has only used it once or twice in the 7 years that we've been together... I'm skeptical.

Alright, so that stuff is all set up and ready to go and I'm about to crash but my March Bon Appetit arrived tonight so I have to save some energy to browse that too!

Night!! (oh yes, I also want to apologize because my posts are probably full of errors and not the most cohesive writing ever, but I've read them over and over and I'm still missing stuff... I've just been so tired lately by the time I get to write... so, I'm truly sorry.)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I really needed this tonight

2.16.11 : 47/365

Just needed a little 'treat'.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


2.15.11 : 46/365

Drink tea out of a pretty mug, it's always good for a smile!

I received this sample with my most recent Chatelaine mag, and I just got around to trying it, it's really good! I've a big fan of Tazo teas for a long time now, I try wherever possible to only drink that brand because I have always found them to be far better than any others, but I am always open to suggestions. That said, this was my preferred brand and a great new option.

Just to let you know, we got around to having the Corn Chowder tonight and it was just as good as expected! I highly recommend you try it.

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