Monday, January 17, 2011

Tired soup.

1.17.11 : 17/365

I'm tired and I ate soup for dinner... sigh, Mondays.



Anonymous said...

hey Michelle, what kind of soup is this? it looks like the blue soup in the movie "Briget Jones diaries" hihi!! By the way, because of you I am so addicted on blogs...thanks I am now renovating every inch of my house....

Rymistri@la vie en fuchsia said...

It's beet soup, it's really a deep pink colour but I wanted the picture to look 'tired'. Like I said to someone else that said the same thing though... now I'm dying to watch that movie again!!

Oh and I think it's great that you are addicted now, I want pictures! :D You should read all the blogs on the list I have hear, there is tons of reno stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I know I know It's how I got started to read blogs and now I read them every minute I have to waste. Pictures will come..hihi!!take care