Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365?

1.1.11 : 1/365

I'm not big on new year's resolutions, mostly because I'm horrible for actually keeping them, but I do like to be cognizant of the whole 'new leaf' concept. I would be flat out lying if I said I didn't want to lose a few, but I would also be setting myself up to fail if I called that a resolution (I'm speaking from experience if you can't tell). We'll see, if the mood strikes me to jog or walk more often in 2011, Great! If not, I can't be called a quitter. There are a couple 'resolutions' that I am hoping and wishing will pan out, but I'll only publicly admit to them when they do... I'll keep you posted as I am already drafting that entry in my head.

In 2011, I do intend to make a conscious effort to do what I want to do more often. I want to do the things that interest me, whenever the mood strikes and not feel one iota of guilt about it. If the mood strikes to read a book, or take 150 pictures of my pugs, or even read blogs until I am blue in the face... well, so be it. One thing I would like to do is use this blog as a blog and not just a tool for keeping track of all the other eleventy million blogs that I follow. I lost a follower recently, and while I know that is my fault as I rarely update, it hurt a little! Another thing that would be stellar is if I could improve my skills (using that loosely) behind a camera. I've been hearing a fair bit about Project 365 and thought that it seemed like a great, albeit challenging, idea. So that's it then, I'm going to try it. I will however, set more attainable milestones for myself and hope that makes it easier. The first milestone is my birthday; February 20th.

My first entry for 1.1.11 (1/365) is a picture of the tickets that I gave Ryan for Christmas for the Sens/Leafs game tonight. We had a lot of fun and I get the impression that he was pretty pleased overall with his gift, so a hit as far as I can tell.

Just for fun though, I'll throw in the other pictures that I took at the game for your viewing pleasure!

See you tomorrow?

Thanks for sticking around!


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