Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oscar Sunday - Take One

1.30.11 : 30/365

The Oscars aren't until February 27th, but we spent the day getting in some of the best picture nominees like I mentioned we would. We already have our favorites so it should be interesting!

My friend came back from the Caribbean the other day and joined us for our movie marathon, it was nice to have her back even if the weather here is not really her cup of tea right now. She brought me the Best. Souvenir. Ever... my most favorite rum in the world - Saint James Rhum Agricole from Martinique!! (this was also thanks to my other friend who lives there right now... awesome ladies!!)

Here's a Ti Punch, even though it supposed to be made with white rum as a general rule, this was awesome!!
It's rum, sugar cane syrup and lime...yummers!

Dinner tonight? Find it here.

We made Uncle Joe's Toxic Mushrooms (an old family recipe and I can't tell you what's in it!) -

and the Tom Yum soup -

It was good, not as fantastic as some of the other recipes that I've made from Chatelaine, but good anyway!


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