Saturday, January 15, 2011

Completed my first project...

1.15.11 : 15/365

This puppy was destined for for the dump not too long ago, but looks like it just needed a little TLC.

I'm not a pro yet, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Next up, the kitchen cupboards!

I give you... my reincarnated bookshelf! All hail Kilz primer!



Janny said...

What's Kilz Primer?? I have some furniture to paint in the near future and I have NO idea how to do it!!

Rymistri@la vie en fuchsia said...

Kilz is an oil based primer that works miracles! You can use it on furniture that isn't even real wood. I used the spray but it comes in a tin too. :)

I've learned a lot off here -

Good Luck!!

Janny A. said...

Awesome! I know the ILs are gonig to sand the dressers for us and I know they are real wood, but since we need to paint them ourselves, who knows how in the heck I'll do that! lol Will have a look see at the link, thanks!! :D