Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alcohol related injury...

1.29.11 : 29/365

...but it's not what you think, we were bottling wine.

Since my back has rendered me near useless, the mister is happy to do everything possible to avoid my breaking any further. In this case it was doing as much as he could (so I couldn't) at our already existing appointment this morning to bottle our two batches of wine. This gash and impending shiner are thanks to wet hands, too many bodies and a slippery corker thingie handle.

Have you seen the corker thingies?

There's one. Try having that handle come up and clip you in the corner of the eye!! Poor mister. <3

In other less upsetting news, we ate this tonight...



Another winner! Delish!

Thankfully it was good because cooking (read:standing at all) hurts like all get out. (Why is it so painful to hold my head up??? :( )


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