Saturday, September 11, 2010

Days 16 & 17 - Strasbourg – once again, something we can say that we have seen, once.

Petit France and the old area of Strasbourg are old, cute and quaint…but some other areas certainly leave a little something to be desired. We did have some good regional food though; tarte flambee (onions and bacon standard and bacon and Muenster cheese which is also local‘ish’), and choucroute – which is a massive platter of pork (sausages and otherwise), sauerkraut [choucroute], and potatoes.

Given our ‘meh’ take on Strasbourg (we only ever wanted it to be a base point) we spent our only full day there by heading to Baden Baden in Germany. We went to enjoy the Caracalla Thermal Baths (the not nudie ones!) and massages… much, much better! They say thermal water has health benefits and healing properties, how much effect that had on us, I couldn’t say.. but I know that we thoroughly enjoyed our 2 hours in the various baths ranging from 18 degrees to 36 degrees (outdoors and indoors) and our 30 minutes massages. So perfect! Following that we had lunch in Baden Baden. How regional our dishes were, I couldn’t say, given that the women serving us spoke only German, but they were good! Ryan had a massive cabbage roll and I had some kind of pork in a beer sauce…Beer sauce? I’m in!

I obviously couldn’t take pictures inside the baths because whether or not it was allowed, I thought it was a bit invasive on the other bathers (even though some people did not share my feelings), so I’ll attach some pics and info from online for Caracalla.

Bath pictures HERE

I did however take some nice pictures in Strasbourg, so here they are…


Rye and Mich

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