Monday, August 23, 2010

What are we up to now? Days 5 and 6!

When we left off on day 5, we were heading out for dinner. Just for the record, we did find a place and we did have moules frites, but the waitress was a ;*^$#, so not worth discussing!! Welcome to the world of gratuities included in the price!

Anyway moving on, Day 6 took us to Cassis to visit the Calanques. More here regarding the Calanques. We knew that there was a boat line that did tours to either 3, 5 or all 8 of the Calanques, so that was the plan. Upon arrival we discovered that we would rather do ANYTHING, than locate parking in Cassis but the lot at the end of the earth that we ended up in, turned out to be a blessing in disguise (read on). After parking in timbuktu, we walked downhill for a solid 15-20 minutes (yes, later sucked) into cassis and found the boats. We had to busy ourselves for a short while but at 1:15 we boarded a cruiser for the 8 calanques. The tour was good, awesome sights and somewhat informative, all told, a good choice. The real want though, was the water around the Calanques that we visited... heaven!

Pictures from the boat, anyone?

The fun though, began when we realized that the middle of nowhere parking lot that we were relegated to, was actually the middle of somewhere, try... Calanque #1... oh yeah, you know we scoped out somewhere to swim, right?

Oh Yeah!!!

After all of that we started heading back towards Frejus, but stopped for dinner in Hyeres. By that time, we had killed the batteries in both cameras, so sadly, no pictures were taken.

Today (actually day 7) we did a 2.5 hour boat tour (that actually turned into a 3 hour tour, luckily no shipwreck though) to one of the lerins islands across from Cannes, and along the Esteral forest and the red cliffs (yesterday white, today red!) More to come on that though, as it is late and Ryan is already sleeping. Tomorrow is an early morning to drive to Saint Tropez for the market at 8am and the beach afterwards (the boats were sold out already). I'll update on day 7 and 8 soon!

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Ryan and Michelle


Alison Hobbs said...

I'm envious of that swim you had.

Rob said...

oops. I should have warned you about parking in Cassis, but sounds like it worked out very well for you. Glad you're having a good time.
P.S. when you get to Chamonix, don't listen to your GPS to find Croix Blanche. It will suggest driving down a pedestrian street.

Sammi said...

Glad to hear you are having a great time! :) Can't wait for you to re-create all of your fantastic meals for me!! :) xo

Rymistri said...

Rob, it was a total crap shoot that we even found that lot, because other than that... we were doomed! So cool though! Did you go swimming off of them? We're considering going back tomorrow to do that 8 million mile long hike to en vau. More swimming is a must!

Sam, you're going to have to run that by Ryan... he's the chef! :) Glad to hear you 'miss' us though!

Sammi said...

Of course I miss you! It just so happens that I miss your food too!!!

FLams said...

Daddy & I are in line for the food tasting too!
We miss you too!

Rob said...

Did not swim unfortunately. Wanted to rent the kayaks at the beach and head over, but alas did not have time.