Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're in Italy...

... but the internet connection is less than steller, so I will try to get a post sorted out for you all tomorrow. I will say this, driving here was 'not the funnest' but Ryan is a real trooper, and I apparently have a strong stomach (and heart), more details to follow... :)

PS Dan and Isabelle - if you are reading this, let me know as I have some questions about Bellagio (...and why you didn't tell me that it was essentially a two way bike path for a road to get here!?!) hahaha :)

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Daniel said...

The roads are just part of the experience. If you really want to get freaked out, grab a taxi at night. Those guys are INSANE!!! Its too dark to see and they're driving 100mph. Have fun in Bellagio...damn I'm jealous.