Friday, August 20, 2010

Want to see some Llafranc? (Day 3 and 4)

So yesterday we posted some pictures of the food in Llafranc, but really nothing showing the actual scenery, which is breathtaking. There were some technical difficulties with the poor internet connection coupled with the fact that uploading the massive pictures from my camera overheats this *special* laptop of mine.

Here is the view of the beach from our hotel room balcony (which I tried desperately to add yesterday);

Day 3 was our only full day in Llafranc, and we spent the morning on the beach;

Then we made our awesome lunch using the groceries we bought the night before (under 20 Euro gets you a heck of a lot more than the equivalent will get you at home…nice!);

Then we did a bit of a walk to the next village over (Callela de Pallefrugel), and took in some amazing views;

Oh, and I did some shopping, bought two dresses and a shirt for 46 Euro. It was awesome.

Then back out to the beach in the afternoon before driving up to el far de san sebastien high above the village;

The night before we discovered that this little village's secret is that it is much more of a night owl then it’s innocent daytime persona would have you believe. We dined too early the evening before, so this time…we did it right. We had dinner around 9pm at the hotel el far where we had MORE tapas (different ones this time at least) and a second Paella (I wish I had a picture of it all dark and caramelized on top, before she served it to us, it looked great!);

Around 11:30 we headed back to the hotel but the village still had a few hours before it slept… luckily we were too tired to notice!

We woke up later this morning since it was well after 1 when we turned in, got our gear together and checked out around 11am. It’s now quarter to 4 and we are still on the road to Frejus. With a couple stops and the insane traffic… ‘we’ll get there when we get there!’ (Obviously once you read this, we will have arrived… I’ll need the internet connection to publish this puppy.)

Well hopefully I will have more updates from day 4 later on, and the next 8 nights are all coming to you from our homebase in Frejus (including all of our little day trips), so fingers crossed for a better connection and a more cooperative laptop.

Lot’s of Love….

Ryan and Michelle


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