Saturday, August 21, 2010

A touch more day 4, and a little day 5 too!

Yesterday my post may have sounded a bit rushed thanks to a couple technichological issues we have had but worry not, since arriving in Frejus, things are looking up!

So after I posted about the drive here, we headed out for dinner and to explore. A fun fact; there were people everywhere!! We knew it was going to be busy, but after the first few days, the copious amounts of people were a bit of a shock to us…ah well, dinner still awaited! On that note, WE waited. There were people everywhere, line ups everywhere, and bodies everywhere! Finally we found a place that could support us, and we enjoyed a nice fish themed dinner there. At 10:30 there were fireworks on the beach, which I was happy to snatch a few pictures of;

Also, every night on the side of the road for a decent length of the beach there is a night market, so naturally we started our souvenir shopping!

Today marks 1 week since the wedding, and what a whirlwind week it has been. To celebrate we spent the morning on the beach and the afternoon visiting the Malpasset Dam. Did I mention that it is about 400 degrees out? I thought I was toast, but nope, I survived to show and tell about it;

More on the Malpasset Dam, here.

Now, once again we are preparing for dinner. Tonight, we will head out earlier (and probably still wait), and are thinking Moules Frites…Mmmm!

Wish you were here!
Michelle and Ryan

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