Friday, August 27, 2010

On the 7th day, there was a boat…

Day 7 was a fairly quiet day overall but I can definitely round up some pictures to share. In the afternoon we went for a boat ride, as previously mentioned that was slotted for 2.5 hours and was to go along the coast between Saint Raphael and Cannes, where there are red cliffs (nothing like the previous ones in Cassis though) and the Esterel coves. This was followed by a panoramic view of one of the Lerins Islands (Sainte Margarite), across from Cannes.

The tour ended up taking three hours and while it was interesting there was only so much to see, so the sun, wind and waves fought with everything they had to put us to sleep… but all in all, not a bad trip!

(Pictures seem over exposed, but the sun was insane!)


Sainte Margarite Island

and the gorgeous sun on the way home

Arriving back to port

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