Friday, August 27, 2010

Nice is nice... heard that one before, have you? (Day 10)

Day 10 took us to Nice. We woke up a little late and braced ourselves for what surely would be a day of traffic jams and little to no parking, but we were pleasantly surprised with it being pretty painless!

Honestly, not much to say about this one actually. We arrived in Nice, walked along the water on promenade des anglais, then toured the market a little, and the old town of course (so very cute), went and attempted to try Chez Theresa's Socca but thanks to Frommers and Rick Steves, so did everyone else and we have given up waiting for things so that was out... I'm sure it wasn't THAT big of a loss! Instead we headed down to the water to eat an overpriced, but very tasty salad nicoise while staring out at the water.. really, there are worse things in life.

Afterwards we returned to Frejus, did a little stint on the beach then decided to visit the old town a bit.

All told, another great day!

Love to all,

Michelle & Ryan


FLams said...

we may have eaten in the same restaurant and may have had the
salade nicoise, was it at the end of the east end of the beach?

Rymistri said...

Hmm.. not sure... there were so many! It was the first one we saw that had anchovies in it and not just tuna... I'm sure aside from that, they are all pretty alike! Was it like, 17 Euro?? haha