Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 8 Saint Tropez - On the upside, now that we’ve seen it…

…we really don’t have to go back.

Tuesday mornings in Saint Tropez there is a largish provencal market that has everything from produce, cheese, meat, prepared food, and spices to clothes, typical provencal items, jewels, purses and antiques. It is an interesting sight to take in and enjoy, and as you can probably imagine, smells divine. We thought we should take the boat over from Saint Raphael to check out what all the fuss was about, but when we found out that as of the morning before the boat was already sold out, we were relegated to our vehicle to drive it. Oh well, if it is typical and enjoyable, we had to do it… so we did. Bright and early (7am) Tuesday morning, we set off for Saint Tropez, and arrived around 8 while the market was still setting up, so we had a coffee to kill time. Shortly thereafter we walked the entire market and purchased a couple of paintings but sadly, that was all. That’s right, it was cool, but within mere moments of the opening, it was packed to gills with tourists just like us who were of the understanding that this was a ‘not to miss.’ I will concede that I enjoy a market quite a bit, perhaps more than the next guy, but what I canNOT tolerate is being bounced around like a ping pong ball by everyone and their kids. So yes, market=cool… but perhaps not in August.

Ryan with his breakfast flan and the market in the background
Paella vendor
One of our paintings

Afterwards, we had heard that there were some equally ‘not to miss’ beaches in Saint Tropez, so we set off on foot to find them. 2 hours later in the blistering sun, walking up and down hills, we admitted defeat. We followed the map to the best of our understanding, but did not locate one beach worth stopping at. It would seem that we were not far off at all, but the method in which to get on the actual beach from the road, not obvious. Needless to say, Tuesday was not the best of days.

These were the pictures I managed to take while searching out the beaches, not beach at all, but maybe a little cool...

We made up for it though, we got back to Frejus fairly early, and slightly discouraged, but after a quick rest we made our way to the beach right here. It was an awesome afternoon at the beach. Sadly, I left the camera in the hotel room but just to paint a picture – there were medium sized waves perfect for floating or jumping over, so Ryan went and bought an inflatable tube and we took turns just floating around in the sun… it was great! A successful afternoon to a failed morning… all is well that ends well?

Lots of love
Michelle & Ryan

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