Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 1 & 2

Hello everyone!!

It's taken us a little bit to get settled and connected but I am happy to say that we finally are! I'll make this entry for both days since on both day one and two, we were too tired to move by the time we got back to the hotels.

After my last post, we hopped a connector to Marseille. It was about an hour and a half and I slept...oh boy, did I ever, but Ryan woke me as we were flying over the alps because well, they were amazing!

Upon arrival, we picked up our rental car and were super pleased to get another Opel, since Ryan our champion chauffeur, loved the Opel Corsa we got last time! This puppy, was an Astra, and she's so cool!

After a fairly easy drive (I use fairly loosely), parking what felt like a million blocks away (thank god for rolling luggage and packing lightly!), dodging people everywhere, checking in, and a much needed shower and nap; we set about looking for dinner and enjoying the short while that we had in Marseille.

I swore I would eat Bouillabiase in Marseille, and buy Savon de Marseille while there too, check and check! The food was ok, at least I can say that we've done it, but the old port was the real highlight - we took pictures for hours!! Here are a couple...

Day Two

On day two, we parted ways with Marseille and headed south-west to Spain (Llafranc). As you probably read in an earlier post, I spent a few weeks here as a child about 17 years ago and I couldn't wait to come back... and show Ryan, it did not disappoint (well, except the lack of the coconut guy, where IS that coconut guy??). Anyway, we made it here mid-day, so we were able to get out to the beach, Ryan can finally say he had the opportunity to swim in a proper sea, and we took a nap on the beach (a lot of napping by this point!). We then walked, took hundreds more pictures, got some tapas, paella, and sangria for dinner, and just enjoyed the sea air.

Here are a couple pictures of Llafranc;

Well, that about sums it up for now, since my computer overheats and restarts like nobody's business and it's almost lunch time on our last full day here!

Love you all... stay tuned for more!

Michelle and Ryan


FLams said...

Ok so how does the Paella compare to Daddy's? I see you had your bread, garlic tomato right?

Rymistri said...

daddy's is great! But could only be made better by the local ingredients here... not much one can do about that! Well, we could all move of course!

No garlic, just tomato, olive oil and salt... not actually sure why William Sonoma says to use garlic :(

Sarah Galashan said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. So happy for you both. Ryan, you picked a good one! Welcome to the family Michelle.

Rymistri said...

Thanks Sarah! We are having a great time!

I'll keep posting more, if you have the time to check :) Hope everything went well with this past weekend's wedding.