Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At least we're in Europe...

So far, I feel like we have been on a plane forever but alas, I am just being dramatic. We are sitting in the Munich airport, waiting for our connector to Marseille - what better time to say hello!?!

I also want to say that the wedding was absolutely fantastic, we are thrilled at how everything went and have so many amazing memories of the day, evening and all of our guests! Please send along your photos, as it will be awhile for our professional pictures and I.NEED.PHOTOS!!!!

Keep watching here for new and exciting updates, and leave me a comment or two!

Ryan & Michelle


clarkmilitos said...

Hi!!! Glad to hear you made it across the ocean safely!! I have a lot of photos I can send you, although many of them were kinda blurry :) and the ones from late in the night might not be for ripe for mass consumption :D What email address do you want me to fire them off to and I'll get on it!! Happy travels!!! :)

Rymistri said...

Hey Alison! Send pics to grlsride@hotmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Pictures please! PS: I ate your Bailey's Ice Cream. Well, Riley and I ate it!