Monday, July 12, 2010

Anyone else….

...marrying or already married to one, really good sport? I will be, in about a month!

Saturday night was our stag and doe, so generously planned and hosted by my amazing maid of honour and the rest of our fabulous wedding party and we are so very grateful, well, I am… my good sport of a husband-to-be already paid his penance, we hope!

Here are a few pictures of the party you missed -

This was totally the MOH's doing... but so happy that she made it happen! Talented, talented lady!!

If you think what you see above is the only thing that makes him a good sport, just wait until you see this -

Here is the back story, one of the 'games' at the party was the opportunity for the guests to purchase a pie in the face for the 'winner' (read: the one who ended up with the most money). Two pitchers were set out, with our names on them and people could drop cash into whoever's pitcher they wanted to 'win.' The mister told me he would take it no matter what, but thanks to a last minute donation of the 50/50 winnings by my future mother-in-law, the mister won by a landslide. (I maintain that he was the good sport who said he would take it no matter what!!)

The lead up, momma is still excited at this point.

The drop, momma is so excited at this point still.

The outcome, Mister is NOT excited at this point, but still being a damn good sport.

The FINAL outcome, momma is not sure that she is still as excited as before, that may be guilt we see here.

All in all, this was a really fun and great night. Here are a few more snaps -

For the record, I didn't spill anything on myself I hugged the mister then had to wash whipped cream off the front of my shirt... just sayin' 

See you soon everyone!