Sunday, April 25, 2010

A little housekeeping

The new house has central air, so our days of grappling for prime ‘in front of the window a/c’ space, are over. With this though, we had to part ways with our mini lifesavers and give them a new home. Who better to pay it forward to, but my parents?

We cut a deal for the exchange; we give them one (nearly) new window unit a/c in exchange for charcoal smoked paella and a Stella (or other tantalizing euro brew, which it actually ended up being). We called tonight, ‘paella night’ and then salivated All. Day. MMMmmm.

Dinner was fantastic, but the evening turned into something a little different after all. With large amounts of family coming down for the upcoming nuptials and the approaching move, my ‘childhood’ bedroom needed a little TLC. Ryan and I went back in time tonight, elementary school, intermediate school, high school, AND first year uni… total blast from the past. Things he didn’t know about me, and the pictures, oh! the pictures, I can’t even begin to explain. Realistically though, we haven’t even scratched the surface, so this will be a work in progress. I actually can’t wait to get back to it, definitely more fun then the average room cleaning.

Maybe I should make a list of all the treasures I come across throughout this process…

How about all of you? Have you gone back to your childhood lately? What did you find? I’d love to hear about it!

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